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Wednesday October 20, 2021 at 11:59 PM
Tuesday March 22, 2022 at 11:59 PM
Saturday March 26, 2022 at 11:59 PM
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Monday March 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

In order to participate in the Massachusetts Invention Convention, there are certain restrictions and requirements.

All inventions must have an associated 4-6 minute video (3-6 minutes for K-2nd) created according to the guidelines Create Your Video.  Also, each student must submit documentation associated with the invention, including the Invention Log or Journal, and the Virtual Display Board slidedeck. The video and invention documentation must be submitted through the registration system no later than March 26th in order for a student to participate.

Here is the rubric to help you in your process. 

In summary, this is what must be submitted to complete an entry into the Massachusetts Invention Convention:

• Remember that animals are not allowed at in-person Massachusetts Invention Conventions; however this year since your submission is purely virtual if you made an invention for your pet you may include your pet in your demonstration video, and of course you can include photographs in your virtual display board. 

• Keep the cost of your invention under $50. Using recyclable materials and repurposing safe materials is fully acceptable and encouraged.

• (For in person Invention Conventions Only) The display board must be no larger than 24”’ with the wings folded in. However, this year due to our online event please follow the guidelines provided above.CAM_8406.png

• Each inventor must have a COMPLETED, SIGNED Invention Log.

• The invention does not have to be a working model, but the inventor needs to be able to explain how it would work. If it can be operational, it should be.

• Inventors may not use lighters, matches, candles or any other open flame or heat source or anything material or liquid considered combustible.

• Inventions may not contain biohazards or utilize any materials that are, or could become dangerous.

• Other restrictions include: electric stun guns, martial arts weapons, guns, replica guns, ammunitions, fireworks, knives of any size, mace, pepper spray, or any device or substance in which the original purpose is to harm or maim. 

• A note on choosing a category: When registering, inventors are asked to select a category for their invention. The categories are used as broad descriptors to help judges recognize inventions in different spaces.  Many inventions fall under multiple categories, in fact, most do. The inventors know their invention best and should choose the category that best describes it.  


Ignite the spark of invention and entrepreneurship in your students and set them on a course to shape a better future.


Massachusetts Invention Convention, in collaboration with Lemelson-MIT, brings invention education to Massachusetts K-12 students through schools, after schools, and youth programs. In conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival, our virtual State Invention Convention will be held Saturday, April 23rd , 2022, online.  As an affiliate of the Invention Convention Worldwide program of the Henry Ford Museum, the Massachusetts Invention Convention will invite select winners to represent Massachusetts and compete at the National Invention Convention this June.


We are delighted to celebrate young inventors at this year’s Inaugural Massachusetts State Invention Convention.

Due to continuing health concerns around COVID-19, the Massachusetts Invention Convention will be held virtually this year

Alll participating students must register through this registration system, including submitting a video and invention documention, no later than March 26, 2022.

The judges will review the videos and documentaion between March 28 -- April 9, 2022.

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, there will be a virtual awards ceremony as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Please register for the ceremony here: 


 Award winners names will be posted on the website with three days of the event.








Agriculture and Food
Animal Care and Pets
Consumer Goods and Fashion
Earth and Sustainability
Education (Technology, Systems, Tools, Hardware
Government and Financial
Health and Medical
Home Organization and Appliances
Manufacturing and Tools
Sports, Games, and Toys

Judging Criteria

This year all submission will be completely online.


  • Virtual Display Board (Instead of a physical display board this year please submit your virtual display board, a powerpoint or google slide (Template))
  • A prototype / model / invention (which may be non-working) but inventor can explain how it would work, please demonstrate in your video submission.
  • An unedited 4-6 minute video (3-6 minutes for K-2nd) that the inventors have created using guidelines Creating Your Video.
  • Invention Log (Options By Grade Level)

Inventions are judged on the following criteria:

  • Ability to clearly define the problem
  • Originality of the invention or how it is an improvement over similar inventions
  • The process the inventor used
  • Effectiveness - does the invention solve the stated  problem?
  • Practicality of the solution
  • Please see rubric
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